Bad Quality - KepServer Client cannot get tag data from the processor

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KepServer has configured 2 channels (Modbus ASCII Serial).

Each channel has configured a device (Modbus ASCII).

Serial cables are connected from the computer to each of the Modicon PLCs. KepServer shows the tags from the processor listed.

A Kepware Quick Client is used to show the values of the tags it is getting from the KepServer, but the quality of the tags is bad. Quality may also appear as uncollected.


Diagnostics are enabled for each channel

To do this, go to the properties of each channel and click the general tab and check the enable diagnostics checkbox. Click Apply and then Close buttons.

As the Quick Client is trying to get data, each channel's diagnostics are being viewed

To do this go to KepServer and click on View --> Diagnostics --> Channel.

The diagnostics show only TX transactions going out and no RX transactions coming in on the serial ports of the computer.

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Switched the cables to the proper serial ports on the computer
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