How do you compare two projects offline in the TIA Portal

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so can somebody give me a how to?
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In daily work it is often necessary to compare different projects or project versions with each other. You can compare projects offline/online or offline/offline.

  • In the case of an offline/online comparison one project is online in a CPU and the other project is offline on a data medium.
  • In the case of an offline/offline comparison both projects are on a data medium.

To make an offline/offline comparison you must first enable the Reference projects view (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

Now the Reference projects view is available.

Fig. 2

You call the Compare function via the menu.

Fig. 3

Then you can run the comparison between two locally located projects. For this the reference project must also be in the Compare editor offline.

Fig. 4

This screen shows the result of the comparison.

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The description and screens in this FAQ response were created with TIA Portal V12.

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answered by d3mon (400 points)