FactoryTalk View ME: DataStore Plus Active X setup

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Hey all, i need an axample how to setup DataStore Plus Active X for Factory Talk ME

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Logging data on the local PC

  1. Open the display that you would like to add the ActiveX to.
  2. Click on Objects--> ActiveX controls.
  3. Draw the object on your display.
  4. From the Insert an ActiveX Control list, select ME DataStore Plus and click OK.
  5. Right click on the DataStore Plus object and go to the connections tab. Click on the blank space next to FileLocation.
  6. Add the path of the file that the data will be logged to. For example, C:\Users\RW\Desktop\Data.csv. This will log data to the Data.csv on the computers desktop.
  7. Add a tag to the trigger. This will start the data log when the tag goes from 0 to 1 and stop the data log when it goes from 1 to 0.
  8. Add the tags you would like to log next to Float.
answered by RW (460 points)