RSLinx Classic: Clearing cache by deleting Harmony files

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How can I delete Harmony files that have become corrupted?
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You can delete Harmony files if they are corrupt. They are cache files of RSLinx and will be automatically recreated when RSLinx Classic is reopened. For more information about the Harmony files, please refer to 5765 - Description of Harmony

Warning: When RSLinx Classic is performing as a OPC/DDE Server for an application, delete the Harmony files only when the application is not in operation.

  1. You may want to backup the configuration of the drivers if you have many drivers or various configurations. To back up the current driver configuration:
    1. Go to Start-->Programs-->Rockwell Software-->RSLinx-->RSLinx Classic Backup Restore Utility.
    2. Select Backup.
    3. Enter a filename and a location, and click Save.
    4. After you are finished deleting the Harmony Files, you will need to Re-Start RSLinx
    5. Go to Start-->Programs-->Rockwell Software-->RSLinx-->RSLinx Classic Backup Restore Utility.
    6. Select Restore. (If you don't restart RSLinx before you perform the Restore, you will receive an error).
  2. You can delete the Harmony files with 2 methods: Automatic and Manual.
    • Automatic method

      1. Run the Rslinxcachedelete.bat file. It will stop the RSLinx Classic service, delete the Harmony files and then restart the RSLinx Classic service.
    • Manual method

      1. Close all software including RSLinx Classic. If RSLinx is running as a service, switch to run as an application by following 31054 - How to Change RSLinx Classic to Run as an Application Instead of a Service, or Vice Versa
      2. Open Windows Explorer and go to
        • For 32 bit Systems, C:\Program Files\Rockwell Software\RSCommon
        • For 64 bit Systems, C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockwell Software\RSCommon
      3. Delete Harmony.hrc and Harmony.rsh (you may have Harmony instead of Harmony.rsh). Do not delete HRMYUI.DLL
        • If you cannot delete the Harmony files, stop the Harmony service at Start-->Control Panel -->Administrative tools --> Services or reboot your computer
        • If you have a Windows 64 bit system you may only have 1 harmony file.
      4. Change it back to run as a service, and restart the computer if necessary.
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