Siemens TIA Portal V13 HMI Download KTP700

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I am having problem with connecting to KTP700 HMI with TIA Portal v13 though profinet. I have no trouble to connect with cpu 317-2 through profinet, but I can not find HMI. Also, in the accessable devices, none of them can be found.....
By the way, my wincc lesscens license just expired, is this the reason why I can not find it?

Thank you for your helps! I appreciate it!
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No, in my experience the license shouldn't really prevent you from at least being able to see all of the devices and upload/download.

For the PLC, you have to go online and change it's IP address.
Then in the project, you have to open the PLC's properties and set the IP address in there, or remove the option to use the IP address configured in the project. If not, it defaults to like 192.168......, and will reset the PLC's IP address when you download.

For the HMI panel, configure the IP address on the panel itself. Open the HMI panel's properties (right-click on the HMI in the project tree and select properties), got to the Ethernet addresses, and just like the PLC, either configure the IP address you want, or remove the option to Set IP address in the project. IF that option is selected it will change the IP address to whatever is configured in the Ethernet addresses (both the HMI and PLC)

Just noticed you were in Louisville, so am I. Didn't know anybody did much with Siemens here.

The PC's IP address must be in the same subnet as the IP addresses of the HMI panel and the PLC.

Assuming you're connecting everything through a switch?
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I am in cincinnati right now. And yes, through a switch(******). I think I have noticed what you mentioned about ip address setting. It is really wired that I found them in the accessible devices once, only once, then they are gone... like never existed... right now I can connect to cpu.. but not HMI..... I found someone said reinstall the software will fix this problem, maybe I should try..... Thank you for the information!